Up To You is a shop founded by brother and sister team Bill Doufekas and Dimitra Doufekas.  

Bill had always dreamt of creating a shop that would inspire both the eyes and mind, and recruited his sister to turn that dream into a reality.  In 2004 the ideal setting for their venture became available, the second floor of one of downtown Toronto's centenary buildings.  

Upon entrance this concept shop appears to be the living quarters of a young professional making their way in the world. Immediately you are taken into a voyeuristic paradise where incense fills the air and an unlikely mashing of Shakespearean theater and popular music delights the ears.  

Reminiscent of exclusive shopping experiences found in Europe, Up To You has become a destination for those in the know. Nevertheless, the duo credits their fun and lively space as a form of retail therapy in which everyone is invited to enjoy.  

Bill and Dimitra attribute their immediate success to good PR and a strong client base. Each individual that passes through their apartment is encouraged to explore, learn and above all else......be happy.