Below is a sampling of the products we carry.  To see our full product catalogue visit our online shop.


Monument Art       
This range of mini architecture is a celebration of the best that London has to offer, and currently includes Battersea Power Station, Tower Bridge, the Barbican Tower, and the Post Office Tower. Each kit comes as a single sheet of stainless steel, and the components pop out and lock together to create a perfect miniature structure. Each kit also includes step-by-step assembly instructions and a short building history which is all packed into an attractive envelope making them a great little (easy-to-post!) souvenir. A perfect memento or a fun gift for any design enthusiast. $25

Glasses Magnifier

These handy magnetic glasses are always available for your enlarging needs as they stick to any metallic surface. They have a soft touch finish and come in a range of colours to suit your ever changing mood. $35.


Equal Area Map

Printed on quality silk finish paper this map utilizes up to date printing techniques to deliver a striking contemporary vision of the world we live in. This map doesn't just look good, it also serves a useful purpose. It is an Equal Area Projection, meaning that all countries are in correct proportion to one another in terms of size. This is rare in global mapping: maps generally illustrate their "mother" country as disproportionately large. 102 x 58 cm. $60


Paper Necklace       
This collection of wearable art pieces decorate the body and clothes. Thus enabling you to wear a delicate drawing as a necklace. The original patterns are inspired by natural elements, hand drawn and then converted to eco-friendly paper. The paper is of soft texture, light weight with beautiful tension, yet it is very strong. It is water-resistant / tear-resistant material and strong enough to wear on rainy days. $27

Snapshot Mirror

While a picture is permanent, this mirror is in a constant state of transformation. Perfectly sized to pop in your bag, place on your desk or on your bedside table, you will never have to worry about taking a less than stellar photograph ever again. Mirrored glass with a white border. 10.7 x 8.8 x 0.2cm. $30

Bag Lock

Forget a pad lock, what you need is a BAG LOCK!  Bags are vital to our daily lives and we depend on them to carry and protect our wallets, identification and keys.  Therefore, we need to treat them with the respect they so sorely deserve.  Gone are the days of dropping your bag on the ground, instead use the bag lock as a way to secure your bag to a chair, pole, bicycle, shopping cart and so on.  Designed in an alloy it is both light and solid.  With one simple turn it's locked without the need of a key. $41


Miniature Lights

Instantly transform any wine glass into a table lamp.  Made of parchment, each set contains 3 different shade designs.  All you need to do is take them out of the package, roll them up, drop a tealight into a wine glass and add the lampshade.  The wine glasses are turned into sweet miniature lamps.  Have an enchanted dinner. $17

Cosmic Nightlight

Bring the cosmic bliss of a cloudless night into your bedroom with this cosmic night light in your outlet. Simply flick the switch before you hit the sheets for the night, and watch as its gracious glow softly illuminates your boudoir. 7 watt C7 light bulb included. Light uses 7 watt light bulb or lower. $9

9 To 5 Clock

“Working 9 To 5, what a way to make a livin’”. Dolly Parton had it right! This stylish clock is perfect in the home or office of any professional.  Each clock comes packaged in a 10 inch standard pizza box with a battery powered sweeping mechanism. 24cm x 24cm x 1cm.  $55