Furoshiki gift cloth

Master the art of gift wrapping with this reusable wrapping cloth. Size: 500mm x 500mm $14 each.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

A retro straw pokes through the lid of this stainless steel tumbler, whose design makes it an eco-friendly choice to carry on the go in lieu of disposable cups. The stainless steel construction makes the tumbler immune to dents, dings, and sonic boom-level slurping sounds. $15


Made of the same fibers used in cleaning brushes, this pencil holder resembles an "erizo," Spanish for porcupine.  $18



Basically you write in whatever you like. The words of love and hate expressed on the sticker are generated by you and reflect your views and opinions. Available in love or hate sticker. $2.25


A pair of drumsticks handily combined with ballpoint pens, for persistent amateur tappers and professional drummers. Know someone who thinks they're the next Phil Collins? Or just a fidgety pen tapper? This is the perfect gift, your drumming pal can practice keeping a beat and in one swift rotation look busy at work! Quieter than a full size drum kit, cheaper, and kinder on the neighbours. $9

Polaroid toilet paper

Each ply of this paper is a fresh sepia-toned photo. Turn your trips to the bathroom into a trip around the world. $7


Howdy Partner, Well I’ll be – A prickly pen! Just what a fella needs to make him the sharpest looking cowboy in town! What are you waitin’ for? Get off your horse and write ‘em cowboy… $7


pop out magpie

A pop out card is more then a card, it's a little present to send.
This magpie makes for a nice decoration on a table or a shelf, and is a lasting memory. Made from recycled cardboard. $6


The Knife Hook is a multi-purpose hook that will hold keys, coats, and more. Shaped like a knife penetrating the wall, this hook is easily screwed in (the front edge features a welded screw) to lend your home an instant air of excitement. Go ahead, take a stab at home organization. $20



Build your own solar powered nightlight out of this flat-packed design.  The solar module installed on the roof harnesses the sun's energy throughout the day to deliver up to 5 hours of soothing LED illumination after dark.  Made in France and available in 4 designs. $12 

Architectural Brooch

Each brooch is based on the mini acrylic figures found in architectural models. With their own personality and characteristics you will fall in love with these mini me's. 9x21mm acrylic figure on brooch pin. $17


fiery hot cocktail shaker

This fiery hot cocktail shaker resembles a hot sauce bottle for spicy cocktails. Very functional with a built-in strainer. $25