Corporate Gifts

Shopping for a business associate is no easy task. Especially, if you want your gift to stand out in a sea of alcoholic beverages. With Up To You's extensive product range, we have an excellent selection of corporate gifts to choose from.  We work with many interior designers and party planners to provide accessories for corporate and public sector clients.  Discounts available for large orders.

Frame Fruit Bowl

Who needs a Vermeer if you can have this Fruit Bowl. Create your own masterpiece with this bowl and frame that can be combined in 3 different ways. $99

Love Doves

These thin aeroply figures come with a length of cotton so that they can hang delicately in your home, and with the right lighting the wings cast tiny heart shaped shadows onto your wall. These charming birds come in pairs so that they are never alone and are a great addition to any couple’s home. $16

Cityscape Light

The Cityscape light is made of a vellum lampshade that slides over a laser cut metal cityscape. Inside sits a votive candle, and once mounted, the city silhouette is projected onto the transparent paper outer hull. Therefore illuminating prominent buildings, bridges and the city as a whole onto the screen. Available in a New York, London and Paris design. 13cm x 6.5 cm $25


True style is combination of opportunity, place, body and tendency. These buttons encourage you to select and equip your exterior depending on how you feel in the moment and the mood you want to express. Each design includes 3 buttons. $10

Colour Wheel Coasters

Enjoy resting your drinks on primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours. It's time to introduce artsy to your coffee table. Set of 4. $15

Animal Mugs

These mugs take adorable to a whole new level. Available with a variety of different animals on the side with their tales forming the handle, these mugs are so sweet you'll never need sugar in your coffee again. They also make pretty votives. Available in a rabbit and cat design. $18

Make A Playhouse

Introduce children to the idea of using found materials as the building blocks for their creativity. The Make A Playhouse includes a plastic Safe-saw for punching holes and cutting cardboard safely, Re-clips and Lock-hinges to connect materials together quickly and easily, gorgeous stickers for decorating, and easy to follow instructions.
Nurture a child’s imagination, develop their creative thinking skills and encourage role-play with this fun DIY kit. Includes 77 reusable parts. $25

Animal Craft Models

Each cardboard craft model is cut by a specially designed laser. The pieces are easily removed and put together without the need for scissors or glue. Available in a deer head, reindeer, cow and dachshund design.  $22


Microphone Pen Topper

The perfect pen topper for expressing yourself in long dull meetings, on a date or just when you want to liven up your day! $7


Mayan Worry Dolls

There is a story that when the Mayan people have worries, they tell them to their worry dolls and place the dolls under their pillows at night.  In the morning, the worry people will have taken all their worries away.  Let this set of 5 mini dolls clear you of your worries. $7



Forged from stainless steel, the Multi-Tool is the everyman's personal assistant. Hang it on your keychain so its ready when you need it. Features include:
Philips & flat head screwdrivers
5 Hex bolts sizes
Nail puller
Bottle opener
Ruler (metric & imperial)
Wire stripper
Wire gauge
Mini Saw $15


3D TV Memo Pad

Make cool 3D drawings. Mini 50 page tablet, glasses included. $7