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 The UP TO YOU Shop

Dear Loyal Customers,

After our Dad got ill in March we decided now more than ever our family wanted to work together.  Life is too long not to spend it with the the ones we love, so as Dad, Mom, Brother and Sister are manning Chick-N-Joy together for the first time in 40 years, UP TO YOU is opening a pop up shop in the restaurant.  Why Chick-N-Joy you may ask?  Simple our Dad started this restaurant 40 years ago with a big dream and a work ethic unrivalled.  Though he may not be at 100% these days we have decided to help him out and keep his dream alive.  That does not mean UP TO YOU is closing shop, it’s just evolving.    
UP TO YOU is curating a limited selection of our favourite design pieces from around the world housed in a weekly showcase at Chick-N-Joy that can be purchased immediately.  Sometimes we are offering a product before it is available anywhere else on the planet.  Meanwhile, all items you see at can be purchased via the website or in person.  Life is ever-changing and at UP TO YOU we are excited to spread good design in a fresh way.

Although this year has been challenging, it has tested our family.   The consensus, we love each other so much that we will work as many jobs as possible to keep Chick-N-Joy and UP TO YOU a destination for those in the know.  So why not stop in for a culinary treat and leave with a stylish accessory.

1483 Queen Street East

1483 Queen Street East, Second Level